Group Runs:

Tuesday Track

Get some speed! BARCers run all day and all night on Tuesdays doing interval repeats of various distances. All paces welcome and encouraged! Bring your own hydration!!

  • The "morning glory" group meets at the Clear Creek High School track at 5:15 AM - 
  • The "mid-morning" group meets on Tuesday mornings at 5:30 AM! Watch the Facebook page for additional details.

Some group runs are occasionally canceled due to conflicts, so please sign up for the email groups and verify with the coordinator that a run is taking place!

Thursday AM Bridge Repeats

Hopefully these will return soon depending on the completion of the north section of the Hi-way 146 bridge.   We are actively watching it's progress and hope to have good news soon.

Kemah BRidge

Thursday PM Social Runs

Social runs start at 6:30 PM each Thursday from On the Run, J. Henrys, and other places in the area.  Check out our Facebook page for details on where this week's run will be!  All paces are welcome and the route is typically about 3-5 miles....followed by food and beer! 


Meet at 6:30 am at the swimming pool at Miramar Park in Seabrook (1109 Hammer) to run the Seabrook Trails.  Join the Sunday runs email group and sign into the membership portal and volunteer to host a Sunday